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If you want to become a CyberMall New Zealand member, then this is the page for you!

A member will be listed in the appropriate CyberMall New Zealand directory. The member will benefit from being part of New Zealand's first merchant link site. CyberMall New Zealand is a high profile site, expanding daily, why not join us...?

Features of CyberMall New Zealand:

Region wise websites
A-Z websites
Easy access categories

Registered Users:
Brochure Site
Contact Information popup
Working Hours/Days Popup
Location Map
Mailing Groups
Newsletter/Special mailing.

Clients can register for any from the 3 CyberMall NZ listing plans

1.Basic : $10pm
Features: Featured Listing, Brochure Site and Specials
- Your featured link is always visible at the top of the relevant web-crawler-generated category pages with your heading and description.
e.g. http://www.cybermall.co.nz/Link/Categories/Computers - see Plain Communications Link

- Underneath the description you are also able to have links to other features CyberMall NZ provides for you.
These links are from appropriate icons and lead to the:
Business Card - CyberMall Mini-site -
* Easy to build through a web interface
* You control the keywords used in this feature and CyberMall gets high Search Engine visits thus improving your search engine visibility.

Your Contact Details - CyberMall Pop-up -
* Your easy-to-update contact information listing comes up readily for the surfer looking for your phone contact or address

Your Location Map - CyberMall Directions -
* You can a upload a map to increase the means for customers to find you easily

Working Days - CyberMall Pop-Up -
* You fill out the web form that shows what days you are open, and then someone finding you through CyberMall knows when to expect that you will be trading.

Your Current List of Specials -

For examples of the above features see our listing in CyberMall:
e.g. http://www.cybermall.co.nz/Link/Categories/Computers - see Plain Communications Link

You don't have to use all these features, but the best results from CyberMall come from making your listing as informative as possible.

2.Advanced : Basic + $15 pm ($25)
In addition to all features included in the basic account:

- CyberMall E-Newsletter facility:
* Use your CyberMall member area to create Specials or Newsletters for your customers to tell them about the latest...
The Special or Newsletter is then accessible..

- Mailing Groups:
* Create Groups of recipients for your Newsletters or Specials Announcements, then manage these contacts within groups from your CyberMall Control panel, from where you can add, modify, verify and delete email addresses and other details and how they are grouped. You can list up to 500 contacts in up to 5 groups.

- Newsletter subscription feature
* The Business Card CyberMall Minisite is extended by this feature to come with a newsletter subscription form, where your customers or prospective customers can subscribe to one or more of the newsletters you are making available. Any newsletter you generate will be sent out to a group of addresses specified for the topic or theme. People subscribe to newsletters accordingly. This option sends the subscriber an email to verify their mail address and to confirm their subscription to one or more of your newsletter(s)/group(s). You can send out up to 5 newsletters per month.

- Customised Newsletter Headers and Footers
*To avoid the blocking of HTML saturated emails by spam filters, we send the newsletters out as plain text formatted emails with the hyperlinks from the text to your selected Specials or Newsletter content within your CyberMall web displays. You are provided with a web interface to create your own text for the email header and footer.

- Web Discussion Forums using Forum Activator
*For advanced user interactivity CyberMall offers user discussion forums across the web. You can create a forum for each group or one for all of your groups. That can be posted to only by for your newsletter subscribers. The forum can be made globally readable or readability can be restricted to members of the discussion group.

3.Customised CyberMall Presence
CyberMall members wishing to have more extensive support in developing their web presence can join with facilities tailored to their specific requirements. We will provide you with pricing based on the features we enable or develop for you.

This can be extended to cover a complete e-business package or specific facilities and support for part of your web operations.

We offer :
  • Budget website, domain name, and database hosting
  • Website hosting with content management software
  • Epayment and secure site facilities
  • Wide range of website programs to extend capabilities
  • Computer maintenance
  • Webmail accounts
  • Internet access within New Zealand
  • Eshop software
  • Graphic Design
  • Web programming
  • Consultation and assistance in web marketing strategy
Here's what you do
Prerequisites to obtain CyberMall New Zealand Membership:

  1. Agree to the CyberMall New Zealand Membership contract.

  2. Select your plan and pay annual charge:
    1. Basic : $10 X 12 Months = $120
    2. Advanced:$10 + $15 X 12 Months = $300
    3. Customised :(Please call us, our representative will meet you)

Join CyberMall New Zealand NOW

Contact The CyberMall New Zealand Coordinator (+64 -3 364 5888).

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